DOT Compliance Training for Motor Carriers

Entry-Level Driver Training §380.501

All entry-level drivers who drive in interstate commerce and are subject to the CDL requirements of part 383 of this chapter must comply with the rules of this subpart, except drivers who are subject to the jurisdiction of the Federal Transit Administration or who are otherwise exempt under §390.3(f) of this subchapter.

Hours of Service & Electronic Logging Devices (ELD)

Does the new ELD / AOBRD law have you losing sleep?  Do the Intrastate and/or Interstate Hours of Service Rules have you questioning whether you are complying?  Our work experience has allowed us to test drive several, affordable products that will help you choose a device that will fit your needs.  In addition, we can provide Hours of Service training specific to your company’s operation that will build your confidence and maximize your time on the road.

Motor Carrier Safety Meetings & Presentations

Tired of the same boring safety meeting?  Invite us to come in and talk to your drivers.  We would love to bring some of our materials and present it to your drivers.  You can pick a specific topic to address some of your needs or we can provide you a list of common topics that are common in the transportation industry.  Don’t wait until something bad happens….be proactive and educate ahead of time!

Hazardous Materials Training for the Transportation Industry §172.704

Does your company transport Hazardous Materials?  The Hazardous Materials Regulations require that each HazMat Employer ensure that each of its hazmat employees is trained and tested at least once every three years.   

Reasonable Suspicion Training for Supervisors

§382.603   Training for Supervisors  

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration requires that each employer ensure that all persons designated to supervise drivers receive at least 60 minutes of training on alcohol misuse and receive at least an additional 60 minutes of training on controlled substances use.

PEC Training (Basic, Core Compliance & H2S)

Has your valued customer informed you that they require contractors to have PEC Certification before you can enter their location? Whether you need the Basic or Core Compliance Class, we offer affordable training to help you meet your customer’s requirements.  We offer these classes at our facility or we can travel to yours.  Call and schedule your class today. 

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