Our DOT Compliance Services

New Motor Carrier Start-up

Tired of driving for someone else and ready to step out on your own, but not quite sure where to start? We can help you from start to finish. Whether you plan to operate in Interstate or Intrastate Commerce; For-Hire or as a Private Carrier, our staff will help get you on the road quickly.

DOT Audit Preparation

Have you received the dreaded call or email from the State or FMCSA informing you that they will be coming by soon to look at your files? Don't wait another minute, time is of the essence. Our knowledgeable staff has helped put files together for last minute customers in a matter of a few hours.

DOT Consultants

Do you or your staff need information that pertains to your company's operations? FMCSA requires specific information to be maintained and available for inspection for DOT Regulated Motor Carriers. If you are not sure where to start or just need a hand in getting back on track, we are here to help. Our consultants are available to travel to you.

Driver Qualification Files (DQF's)

Driver Turnover can keep you weighted to your office desk. Our staff has developed a checklist and file folder system for Driver Qualification Files that you can proudly hand over to the auditor. We can even provide the necessary forms, if needed. Whether you're not sure on how to put a file together or just don't have the time, we are here to help you get your new drivers qualified and driving so you don't incur any downtime.

Oversize / Overweight Permitting

Need a Temporary or Annual Oversize and/or Overweight Permit? We help companies get legal permits to operate their equipment in a variety of states. We have a lot of experience with permitting for special Oil Field Equipment (i.e. Coiled Tubing Units, Frac Pumps, Crane Trucks, etc...) Don't take a chance and get parked at the scale house! We've been through the permitting process before and can help you get the permits you need. (If needed, we can issue required Bonds out of our office.)

On-Site Fleet Audits & Inspections

What if Equipment-Related DOT Violations could be discovered on your privately owned yard and fixed before your equipment left? THEY CAN!!! Our Fleet Auditors & Inspectors used to be enforcement officers who have a lot of experience conducting roadside DOT Inspections and enforcing the Federal Motor Carrier Rules & Regulations. This service is by far offers the GREATEST return on your investment (ROI), potentially saving your company TENS or HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of dollars in Insurance Premiums, Fines/Penalties & Maintenance Costs.

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